Winter Olympics 2018



Third heat underway, hopefully we'll have no penalties this time! 1. Hwang (KOR) 2. De Laat (NED) 3. Wu (CHN) Bykanov is given a penalty for impeding Dion, who also goes through.

The results from the first heat which I missed; 1. Liu (HUN) 2. Girard (CAN) 3. Elistratov (OAR)

Annnnd our fourth heat looks like this; 1. Lim (KOR) 2. Lepape (FRA) 3. Liu (HUN) ANOTHER PENALTY, for Yoshinaga.

Heat number 5 underway, and a quick shout-out to the Pyeongchang website, it is FAB! Live placings after every lap, because the TV doesn't keep them up for long enough!

1. Seo (KOR) 2. Pukitis (LAT) 3. Celski (USA) For goodness sake, not another penalty...

False alarm, no penalties for that heat!

So, sixth and final heat is underway.

BIG CRASH! 2nd and 3rd place go FLYING OUT!

So, we have to go to a video replay to see who caused the crash, and who can go through. Three skaters crossed the finish line, so I'd imagine they'll be the ones going through. 1. Krueger (USA) 2. Fauconnet (FRA) 3. Knegt (NED) Also qualifying is Xu, who was taken out in the crash.

Semi-final time!