Winter Olympics 2018



I can finish off the men's semi-final line-ups though, so, semi-final 2; 1. Liu (HUN) 2. Almey (BEL) 3. Tran (USA) 4. Krueger (USA) 5. Fauconnet (FRA) 6. Knegt (NED) 7. Dion (CAN)

Semi-final 3; 1. Lim (KOR) 2. Lepape (FRA) 3. Liu (HUN) 4. Hwang (KOR) 5. De Laat (NED) 6. Wu (CHN) 7. Xu (CHN) 8. Han (CHN)

Semi-final 1 underway.

Not sure whether this emcee shouting over the top of the guys racing is a good idea...

We've had a fall! It's Samuel Girard, and he seems to have gone off the ice...


1. Elistratov (OAR) 2. Hamelin (CAN) 3. Seo (KOR) Now to check for penalties...

Annnd that is the standing that stays. Elistratov and Hamelin are through to the A final. Penalty for J. R. Celski, and Samuel Girard, who fell, will go through to the A final. Seo and Pukitis go through to the B final.

A final; for gold and silver medals. B final; for 3rd/4th place.

Now for semi-final number 2.