Winter Olympics 2018



Now, who's fallen this time...

It's the Belgian, Alvey, and he smacks the ice. What's this though? ANOTHER FALL! I think it's Liu this time, but I'm not 100% on that.

The standings are; 1. Knegt (NED) (A) 2. Fauconnet (FRA) (A) 3. Dion (CAN) (B) 4. Tran (USA) (B) Penalty to Krueger, and Liu also gets through to the A final.

Third and final semi-final...

The second false start of the night, not a clue who was at fault there!

FLIP ME! Wu just flew off the track then, and it seems there will be some sort of penalty.

The Korean crowd are LOVING this, the Korean skaters are in 1st and 2nd, provisionally, so they'll be hoping that stands.

So, results; 1. Lim (KOR) (A) 2. Hwang (KOR) (A) 3. De Laat (NED) (A due to penalty) 4. Han (CHN) (B) Decision pending though...

2 penalties in this race... Liu and Wu have been penalised, but the initial standings stay the same.

Time for ice resurfacing, before the Ladies' 3000m relay heats!