Winter Olympics 2018



News in from the Charlotte Gilmartin camp that she will be fine to compete in her 1000m and 1500m heats despite the crash, which is great to hear!

Relay time for the speed skating! This first heat includes; Hungary Republic of Korea Canada Olympic Athletes from Russia

So, each team has 4 skaters, with a total of 27 laps between them! There can be no changes in the final 2 laps.

This is mesmerising, but KOREA HAVE JUST FALLEN!

Canada is out in front by a MILE. 1st and 2nd place will go through to the A final.

Hungary in 2nd place, OAR in 3rd.

Korea trying to get back into it.

Almost half-way through...

Canada are still front, but the gap is a bit tighter. Korea have got into 3rd place!

OAR in 2nd.