Winter Olympics 2018



Netherlands coming around the inside, and INTO THE LEAD!

Netherlands, China, Italy.

China out in front now, then Italy, and Netherlands in 3rd. Japan are struggling.

China widening the gap...

Ooooh, bit of a bump there... Italy coming into 2nd on the line, with Netherlands in 3rd.

So, the placings are; 1. China (A) New Olympic record; 4.05.315 2. Italy (A) 3. Netherlands (B) 4. Japan (B) Not sure if there will be any penalties, let's see.

So, that's been confirmed. Now, we'll have some more ice resurfacing, and then we'll have the mens' finals.

First up, it's final B, so the skaters are fighting for placings.

The line-up is; Seo (KOR) Pukitis (LAT) Han (CHN) Dion (CAN) Tran (USA)

Completely different start to the shorter track events, we're off very slowly, and more like the pace that I could skate at myself!