2018 Winter Olympics - Biathlon 7.5km sprint



Hello hello! @TimBonvilleGinn here for the first biathlon event of this Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang! This is by far my favourite of the sports on the calendar in this competition, my Wi-Fi went down moments ago so I'm just getting my feed back up, the racing may have already started.

I do really love the Winter games, it gives winter sports a chance in the limelight, it's a great watch, it really is, so many fantastic sports that don't get anywhere near enough coverage outside of Eurosport!

We are racing, I'm on now! Just three biathletes on the course! I'll mention the big names when they come, it's so so windy today in Korea, weather has been a pain today.

Hauser, the first starter, comes over the top of the first climb, really steep kicks for then to deal with today, Herrmann, the third starter, who has been linked with a good finish in the top 10 perhaps, she leads at the first split after four biathletes.

Hauser at the 2km mark, Oeberg is 12.6" faster than the Austrian she is following. Herrmann 5.4" ahead of Oeberg, we would have expected better from the German.

The wind will be such a problem when on the shoot, the straight in front of the main stand is a nasty head wind.

Darya Domracheva sets off! The biathlete who is our tile photo, she is one of four big favourites! She's on the course.

Herrmann clears the first shoot, all 5! Oeberg gets 5 too. Herrmann made absolutely sure on that last shot, that means she lost a bit of time on Oeberg.

Kaisa Makarainen now, the world number one! Lots of chanting I'm her name, she's the next big big name out! Dunklee of the USA misses one in the prone shoot.

Bescond, of France, manages to clear her prone shoot. She now leads Herrmann by a tad over 5".