Shoot Out: 2nd Round



A reminder of the rules of this one-off tournament: - all matches are 10 minutes one frame matches - whoever has the most points at the end of the 10 minutes wins - 15 second shot clock for the first 5 minutes, 10 seconds there after - must hit a cushion or pot a ball every shot - foul = ball in hand ANYWHERE on the table - blue ball shoot out if tied after 10 minutes


Good evening and welcome back to quick-fire action from the Shoot-Out. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) for the 16 other matches from the second round. This should keep me from thinking about feeling really ill with a cold/tonsillitis but I will apologise now for any mistakes that might creep in.

The Order of Play tonight - saves me typing it out!

First match up is James Wattana v Mark Williams.

MW 0 - 0 JW Wattana wins the lag and asks Williams to break.

MW 1 - 0 JW Wattana gets a lucky kiss and then Williams almost goes in off. First pot goes to Williams and he is on the black along the bottom cushion. He misses it.

MW 9 - 0 JW This time Wattana is the man to almost go in off. Williams tries a long red on and misses. Wattana leaves a better chance for Williams and he is in with a red and black.

MW 38 - 0 JW Steady break around the black. Williams nudges a few reds into more potable positions.

MW 53 - 9 JW He goes for a red near the right cushion and misses it. He almost flukes it but leaves it on for Wattana instead. Will he beat the clock?

MW 53 - 29 JW He opens up three of the reds but there are two on the left hand cushion which may be tough to get on. He tries to move one over the middle but no luck. He misses a black with two reds left.