UFC 221: Romero vs Rockhold



Hirota lands a nice overhand, but Pearson makes him pay with a short uppercut.

Pearson certainly settled in quickly. Landing a few leg kicks now. Hirota’s movement early hasn’t been smooth.

Lovely counter left by Pearson. Hirota’s footwork is never the smoothest, but it’s clunky as hell tonight. Needs to settle down.

Nice slip from Pearson as he avoids a takedown. Hirota starting to get a little smoother.

Pearson ends the round with a flying knee that just misses. 10-9 to the Englishman. One of his better rounds in a while.

Second round.

Nice outside leg kick from Hirota. Pearson trying to control the centre and lands a nice left. Nice body shot from Hirota, who’s opening things up now.

Hirota continuing to land good leg kicks. Pearson lands a nice double jab. Starting to vary his movement well to set up the left hook.

Pearson stings him with a straight left. Hirota taking more damage when he comes forward. Both guys doing their best work on the counter.

Lovely counter left hook from Pearson. Hirota still landing regular leg kicks.