Winter Olympics 2018: Men's Luge



Hello everyone and welcome to more coverage of the greatest sporting event on earth. Today I have for you the Men's Luge! What is the Luge I hear you ask? Imagine going down a waterslide, on a peace of wood... now imagine the water is ice and your going down at 80mph. Perfect! Now, the aim is to get down the fastest, like skeleton or bobsleigh, and all 40 athletes get 4 runs.

Runs 1 and 2 were completed yesterday so for today's 2 runs we have some benchmarks. Currently leading we have Loch of Germany with 47.625 seconds followed by Mazdzer of the USA with 47.717 then the Olympic Athlete from Russia, Repilov, with 47.74. We have two Brits in this event, Adam Rosen who's currently in 23rd and Rupert Staudinger who's in 35th.

The Top 20 after this run will qualify for the final run afterwards. So let's get to it, shall we? First up will be our leader Felix Loch of Germany who has won 12 world Luge championships and 3 Olympic Gold medals, so he's certainly a favourite. He also recorded the fastest speed ever in Luge in the 2008/2009 World Cup, 95.68mph.

NEW Track Record! Already! 47.560! A brilliant job by Loch. He easily took the track by storm. No one can keep up with him.

David Gleirscher comes next for Austria, he makes no mistakes coming into 47.584! His fastest run yet, this is him trying to get a medal for his country. It's down to if the next few make any mistakes.

Repilov of OAR goes a bit out of control as he goes far to quick and he slides into 47.948! He couldn't control it and he is now out of a chance for gold.

Mazdzer of the USA is next, he clocks some insane speeds aswell! 133.3KMPH! NEW TRACK RECORD! Faster then Repilov and he controlled it! 47.534! He is now only 0.09 behind the gold!

Canadian athlete Edney is next down the ice slide. He will try to emulate the American's performance... 47.759, he comes in into 4th. Decent run from him, not a miracle though. Lock then Mazdzer then Gleirscher is the rankings for now.

Fischnaller also brings in a fast time, 47.596. Enough to beat the Canadian and take 4th. The Italian team will be happy with that. Next is the Latvian, Aparjods, who starts slowly, he speeds up though and seems very much in control. He clocks in a decent 47.858 for 6th place.

Ludwig, another German, will be wanting to try for an Olympic Bronze, can he bring in a good time? He bounces against the wall a few times, other than that he seems good... 47.625! 5th! He needed that after a disappointing performance on Run 2. He's still in with a chance of a medal.