Shoot Out: Last 32



A reminder of the rules of this one-off tournament: - all matches are 10 minutes one frame matches - whoever has the most points at the end of the 10 minutes wins - 15 second shot clock for the first 5 minutes, 10 seconds there after - must hit a cushion or pot a ball every shot - foul = ball in hand ANYWHERE on the table - blue ball shoot out if tied after 10 minutes


Good afternoon. More quick-fire snooker this afternoon with the 16 matches from the last 32. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) here to cover the final day of the Shoot-Out!

First match this afternoon is Ali Carter against Mark Davis.

AC 0 - 0 MD Carter wins the lag and asks Davis to break.

AC 0 - 0 MD Carter just avoids the in off but gets a good safety instead. Good containing safety from Davis.

AC 0 - 0 MD Davis goes for a long red and misses but nothing obvious left on. Carter tries one to right corner and nearly flukes it to the opposite corner. Safety was the main aim and achieved though.

AC 0 - 9 MD Carter is snookered behind the brown; he escapes but leaves a red on which Davis pots and is on the black.

AC 0 - 32 MD He nudges the reds out of the way a little rather than going into them. He has a long red into the yellow pocket and is helped by the yellow being over it as well. He plays safe off a red on the cushion when position goes wrong.

AC 0 - 40 MD Carter snookers Davis behind the yellow. He hits a red and doesn't leave anything easy on. Carter misses one to the left middle. Davis is in the balls again and should take the match. Or not as he gets into the cue ball too much and he has to play safe.

AC 1 - 71 MD Carter finds a red to the left middle... but cannot pot the yellow to follow up. Davis is in and mops up some more pots to secure the frame.