Winter Olympics 2018 - Men's Biathlon 10km Sprint



Hi all. @TimBonvilleGinn here for the 2nd biathlon of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Today, we watch the men. Martin Fourcade v the Boe brothers is the most likely scenario, but we can never be sure. So many biathletes who can take the win or a medal. Who will it be? Can Germany get their mojo back? Can Norway get a clean sweep? Will Fourcade be stopped? Let's find out.

Okay we're nearly ready to get racing! It's about -14°c. Watch for Martin Fourcade and Johannes Thingnes Boe for the main two guys.

Timofei Lapshin, a Russian racing for Korea, sets off! Anev after him for Bulgaria. I'm pretty excited for this, love this sport!

Gronman of Finland sets off now, Finland have had a poor time in biathlon in this generation.

Here is the first potential medallist! Julian Eberhard for Austria! What a biathlete! The world champ next, Benedikt Doll for Germany!

Eberhard is quickest at the 1.9km mark. He's ahead of Lapshin at the moment, Doll hasn't got the legs for the moment, he's 3rd at 5.5"

Lapshin coming into his first shoot! So the first shoot is called the prone. This is where the biathletes lie down and shoot smaller targets than the stand where they shoot the full targets. Lapshin nails that and gets a very clean shoot.

Ah Anev misses one shot, that will frustrate him. He was high right on the third shot. Eberhard comes to his prone. What can he do here....

Oooh that's how to do the prone shoot! Julian Eberhard does a great job, 2nd for now, Doll does the same and is currently third!

Johannes Thingnes Boe has already taken 7" out of everyone at the 1.9km mark ahead of another favourite, Svendsen.