Shoot-Out: Final Rounds



A reminder of the rules of this one-off tournament: - all matches are 10 minutes one frame matches - whoever has the most points at the end of the 10 minutes wins - 15 second shot clock for the first 5 minutes, 10 seconds there after - must hit a cushion or pot a ball every shot - foul = ball in hand ANYWHERE on the table - blue ball shoot out if tied after 10 minutes


Good evening and welcome to the final night of the Shoot-Out... 15 more matches to determine the winner of the quick-fire tournament. I'm Mel (@MissMelanie_H) here for the last-16 onwards. Who will lift the trophy?

First match tonight is Sunny Akani against Tom Ford.

TF 0 - 0 SA Akani wins the lag and asks Ford to break off.

TF 1 - 4 SA Ford sinks a red down the bottom cushion but only had a tough black. He goes for it and Akani is right in the balls. He pots a red to left centre and then the green.

TF 1 - 16 SA He sinks a mid-range blue and is on the open red to the middle left pocket. He finds a loose red below the bunch but is not on it to pot.

TF 1 - 20 SA Akani is in with a good red but again no obvious colour. He plays safe off the black. There was a red on for Ford but he misses it to the yellow pocket. Akani has a better chance.

TF 1 - 39 SA He pots a longish yellow and gets back to the reds. He pots a couple of balls with his right hand which I didn't realise he could do. He splits them from the pink (on the black spot).

TF 16 - 41 SA Commentators curse - not me this time! Comms were talking about his concentration and he misses a red. Great red and yellow for Ford to get in.

TF 31 - 45 SA The last red is tough but he has a good angle on the black. He misses it into the left middle. There are still too minutes left though. Ford fouls and Akani plays safe off the red.