Winter Olympics 2018 - Biathlon Women’s 10km Pursuit



Hello all! It's the biathlon once again! This time, it's the 10km Pursuit. We start with the women this morning (night in Korea). I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, I'm looking forward to some brilliant action today.

Laura Dahlmeier took Gold in the 7.5km sprint a couple of days ago, so she goes first with a 22" gap to the next biathlete! Olsbu and Vitkova will be just 2" apart in 2nd and 3rd. Kuzmina is the only other big name inside a minute.

Unless Dahlmeier misses just two shots, she will be in trouble!

The first 12 are on course, more setting off now, Dahlmeier is so far ahead but the rest are very closely packed.

Makarainen sets off Eckhoff set off just before her. Two fast skiers.

Olsbu and Vitkova have already closed the gap by quite a lot to Dahlmeier, she was most likely taking it easy though. The gap is 15" back to Olsbu and Vitkova. Dahlmeier needs to be careful on the first shoot.

Dahlmeier on the first shoot, called the prone. This is when they lie down. Dahlmeier shoots superbly well, that's all 5. Olsbu misses but Vitkova doesn't! Vitkova moves to 2nd.

Kuzmina who started 13th is 3rd at 32"! She was 52" down at the start! She's smashed this start and nailed the prone shoot.

Domracheva moves up to 7th place now, so the bigger guns are now looking like they could be in for a medal.

Dahlmeier has upped the pace for this lap, she shouldn't go too hard though. Oh wow Kuzmina has caught and passed Vitkova! It's not over for the Czech for the moment, she's back in third with a good gap over fourth.