Winter Olympics 2018 - Biathlon Men’s 10km Pursuit



Hello once again, it's biathlon time once more. This time it's the turn of the men. Can Martin Fourcade come back from his disaster yesterday? Can Johannes Thingnes Boe do the same? He had a nightmare yesterday!

@TimBonvilleGinn here to cover the racing again. I love this sport, it's just so unpredictable. I seem to like sports like that.

It has to Fourcade? Surely! He can't do what he did last night again!! If you didn't see that, here's the live feed from yesterday!

Arnd Peiffer will go first, Fourcade is going to go eighth. He's at 26", I just can't see the rest holding on! Johannes Thingnes Boe is over a minute down! He has the pace, but he needs to be careful, he doesn't want to go too hard because he'll miss on the shooting.

Watch out for Julian Eberhard in fourth. He was superb last night. Krcmar will go out second, Windisch goes third.

Arnd Peiffer sets off, but everyone is very quickly out behind him, Fourcade sets off! Lapshin, Tarjei Boe and Svendsen go now too

Moravec goes, watch for him! Johannes Thingnes Boe sets off! He's got 1'12" to make up on Peiffer. He will more likely focus on Fourcade's times though.

Fourcade already up to 6th at 14". He's looking superb. Very swift start by the Frenchman. Peiffer is calmly goung about the first lap. Eberhard is looking like he's leading the way, Fourcade has joined the second group in the course.

Fourcade has gone to second position already! Will Fourcade suffer later on? Peiffer comes into the shoot, Fourcade joins him with everyone else. He is taking his time this time around.

Eberhard and Peiffer smash it! Fourcade misses one! All the Germans have smashed it! They're in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th! Fourcade back where he started in 8th at 27"! Johannes Thingnes Boe had got all five in his shoot.