Hello, and welcome to the evening offering from the women's ice hockey, as the USA take on the OAR. Acronyms everywhere in the Cold War Derby

In this group, Canada beat Finland 4-1 in the earlier game today. So if USA beat I Can't Believe It's Not Russia, it'll be the North American duo into the semis with a game to spare

An apology before we get going. I don't have a deep ice hockey knowledge. I'm blagging this, massively There. We all know now

Here we go, teams are taking to the ice after a bit of Darude-Sandstorm to get us all pumped up.

We are underway! 0-0

18.43 - USA with the early posession so far, the Russians doing well to keep them back. Play stopped for icing

Eurosport Player being a piece of shit, sorry. I do have all the TV channels here that show the Olympics, but for some reason everyone loves curling.

We're back, still 0-0. Russia under a bit of pressure but manage to come away with the puck.

I'm still perservering with technology. Still goalless. Will try my tablet. And they think the future is streaming. Do one.

USA have a big chance to take the lead, but denied by the goalie. 15.36 left in the first. Call goes against the USA and they don't like that