Winter Olympics - Men's Halfpipe final



What an absolutely amazing Halfpipe final! World class once again from Shaun White! Well, that's all from me, @TimBonvilleGinn, see you soon.

Shaun White 🇺🇸 - Gold🥇 Ayumu Hirano 🇯🇵 - Silver🥈 Scotty James 🇭🇲 - Bronze🥉

Mike Barry

Now you go to bed TBG

Tim Bonville-Ginn

Ah just saw you're comments!! That was incredible! And oh I dunno, so much more sport to watch!

He is not popular in the snowboarding scene, but you can not deny his talent. That was incredible. He did exactly what he needed.

Mike Barry

The 100th gold medal for the US in the history of the winter Olympics

Mike Barry

And hes not popular as a skateboarder either btw

He had a double McTwist, he chucked a 1260 at the end, he thinks it's big enough! He roared at the end! 97.75!!!! SHAUN WHITE TAKES GOLD!!

Shaun White now, he looks like a stormtrooper in that kit! Is the force with him now? Here he goes, switch 1440, sky hook, oh wow, he's landed his massive run! Hirano looks on in amazement along with disappointment. Judges? Over to you...

Mike Barry

Thats a gold

Mike Barry

Thats the MAN

He goes to the top of the pipe and waves to the crowd. He'll be happy enough with that, he's got a medal, he got a 5.5.m amplitude in his first hit. His score on this run is a 40.25, he keeps his 92.

Scotty James now, he's also got a medal, can he get gold?? A small smile, deep breath, off he goes, big Front side twist 1060! Oooh he's down!! He takes bronze!

Mike Barry

Man his start was phenomenal!!!

Hirano, he looks disappointed, 43.25. He's still got his 95.25. He's definitely got a medal.... but what colour!?

Ayumu Hirano.... He leads after his amazing 2nd run. Okay, can he somehow improve? Well, it's possible. Let's go. Oh he landed flat, he's not got that one, he's going to have to rely on his 2nd run. He lost all his speed on that landing.

So Fergusen gets a 90.75 which has him in 4th place.