Winter Olympics - Men's Halfpipe final



Hello all! It's the Halfpipe final! I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, we are underway with Australia's Callister. Ahh he slips on the front side 10 80, unfortunate start for him, he has two runs to come though. -6 at the Phoenix park today.

P2-D2 up now, the Fin with that great nickname, he completely messes that up! Piiroinen, that's bad start.

Totsuka for Japan now. Oh a great performance, brilliant backside 9, front 10 and ahh he slips on the back 12. Good start, just falling on the last hit. I realise I should probably out up the scores...

So Totsuka gets.... 39.25, yikes

Burgener now for the Swiss. Off he goes, back to back 10 80s then a front side 12, oh he nails them, missed a couple hits, but that's a big run from him. Very good amplitude.

So Burgener gets... 84! First big run landed.

Pates now for the US. He did well but his backside double McTwist was spoiled by a messed up landing.

Josey now for US again, oh that was a great run, I went for 81 as a guess, my housemate says 77, it'll probably be 40 knowing us... it's... 87.75!! Wow that's very very high after just 6 riders!

Scherrer now for Switzerland. Back to back 10s and a front side 900, good, ah he falls on the backside 12!! Nobody holding back at the start.

So Scherrer gets 31.25, not great start, no worries, two more tries