Winter Olympics - Men's Halfpipe final



Katayama now for Japan. The 22 year old, always smiling, off he goes, massive backside air, 14-40 and a switch double 10 80, front side 900 and a backside 12 and finishes on a front side 12! Huge run!! That's was very nearly perfect!

Katayama has been given an 85.75! What! Josey getting better score for amplitude! Ferguson up now for the US.

He just didn't land any of those right, all too flat and straight down the pipe. He got so much amplitude, he tried a switch McTwist, he just didn't land. 43 points on the board, two more tries to come.

Hirano up now. Silver medallist in Sochi. Wow that was huge air! 14 40, ahh he's lost it! He looks so hacked off. He gets a 35.25.

James now for Australia. He's so pumped, off he goes, front side 12 60, backside 12 60, backside 9 and front side 900, crippled and a backside 12 60! That's moves by the way guys, you really have to see it! 4.9m amplitude! Huge.

This will be a huge score I think. 92!! Boom, Scotty James gets 92! It's Shaun White time!

Here goes Shaun White, 14 40, switch 10 80, sky hook, front side 12, wow they were insane, what some moves were crazy, I couldn't get them down, cab 180 double cork and a tommahawk! He came down and chucked his helmet in the crowd! 94.25!!! Woooow it's only the first run guys!!!

Well that was insane, Shaun White is taking selfies, he's acting like he's won gold already! Anyway, time for run 2.

I might miss Callister, because I'm having a brief break, back asap.

Callister gets 62 on that run, I did moss that sorry guys! Piiroinen up now, he's doing both slope and pipe, ah he drops on the cab 10 80 again, this isn't like him. He's really messed this final up so far, but he's got one run left.