Winter Olympics - Men's Halfpipe final



The Fin gets an awful score, 12.25 I think, Japan now, ahhh that was an awful crash, landing on top of the deck in the first jump, suddenly the atmosphere changes, Totsuka is moving, he's sat up, we will have a brief delay as they help him and clear his bits of helmet that came off. Hopefully he's okay, but I'm almost certain he's out of this Olympics.

I think he's 16 years old, Totsuka. Yes I'm the stretcher now, he's being taken down the pipe, poor guy, he's in a neck brace, I imagine just for precaution. Hope he gets well soon.

Burgener up now for Switzerland. Here he goes, on he goes, massive front side 10 80, then a switch 10 and 12 60, backside 360, switch backside 10 and then he drops the final kick. Huge amplitude.

These are just names, I know, if you're new to the sport, I'm sorry. 51 is his scores. He'll rely on his 84 from run one.

An American now, double Michael Chuck to start! Backside double 1260 to finish! What a fantastic run! So, Pates gets a 82.25. 6th place for now.

Josey up next, he's third at the moment, can he improve? Let's see, off he goes. Front side double cork 1080, switch double crippled and a switch double Michael Chuck and I could not keep up with the typing, he flaws the final kick, a smaller amplitude too.

Josey gets a 52.25, he'll rely on his first run too. Scherrer up next. He fell on his first run, here he goes on his second.

Scherrer gets going with a huge amplitude on his switch 1080. Ah he finishes on a high! He got a 4.7m amplitude, his average may mean he takes a knock on his score though.

Scherrer's score is a 80.50, decent, he thinks he's a bit hard done by. Katayama up now, he'll want to step this up for, not only himself, but also his teammate, Totsuka. Here he goes.

Insane height on his first hit! But his third, he plants his chin on his knee, that's a low score, all about his third run.