Winter Olympics - Men's Halfpipe final



Fergusen time now, he gets going. Ooh this is awful to watch because he looked like he was going to slam on every hit but he bailed that, perhaps a bit wild on some. He was 5m in amplitude on his first hit.

Great run, Fergusen gets an 83.50, he could clean that up, he's still got a chance.

Mike Barry

To comment on that crash, Canadian commentators are saying the overcast day is playing havoc w the boarders depth perception as in "flat light". Which is too bad for the young lad

Hirano time again. Can he get the big run down now? He'd really want to. He fell in his first run, huge backside air, font-size 40, switch 40, font-size 12 and a backside 1260! No idea but the commentators are going mental! That was apparently the biggest run there is in Halfpipe! 5.5m amplitude at his peak!

And the Japanese can smile again! 95.25!!! Woooooww that's massive!! How can White beat that!?!?

Scotty James for Australia now. Can he somehow beat that? Let's go! Front side 1260, backside 1260, massive fronside 1080, this is so good but a hand down at the end! He's happy but that wasn't quite Hirano. Hand down on the backside 1250. He scores 81.75.

Mike Barry

Heres white !

Mike Barry


Right, Shaun White time. He's not far behind, he goes off, massive first hit, he's crashed!!!! He lost it on the tommahawk!! He had the back to back 14s but he cracked! He's so annoyed with that! Huge air on the first hit.

He gets a 55. He's still smiling, he remains 2nd

Down as the best Halfpipe final of all time according to the commentators.

Right, final run! Last chance! Callister now. He did so well but snacjed at the final hit, he was impatient. I don't think he'll improve Here, unlucky for the Aussie, 56.75, he'll be back in Beijing.

Piiroinen now, can he finally land a run? Ahhh he's gone again! All on the same trick, that's so frustrating for the Fin. This could be his last Olympics, which is sad. Anyway, 13.50, awful score. Poor guy.