Winter Olympics - Men's Halfpipe final



Burgener now, can he get a better score? Come on, land it! Air guitar on his way down, big double cork 1080! Massive backside 360 too, he finishes on a switch double michael chuck! That's a helmet chuck! He's ecstatic! That's was a brilliant run! He did some beautiful hits there! Is he in the medal challenge??

Burgener gets a 89.75!! How was that not a 90!? Either way he's over the moon!

Pates now for USA. So many riders bringing their A game! Oooh he's lost it.... so frustrating but there he goes, 27. He keeps his 2nd score.

Josey up now. He's in 5th for the moment. Off he goes, massive double cork 1080, huge hits! He somehow held that Front side 1260 with a double hand drag, he was nailing that until right at the last moment, he held it, what's he got? 88! He remains 5th.

Scherrer now, can he get up with those high 80s low to mid 90s guys? Some perfect tricks landing right near the top of the pipe, ooh but his upper body is chucked about like a rag doll as he somehow held it, it isn't medal worthy, but great effort by the man from Switzerland.

Mike Barry

Never had the speed to get the height

If you're wondering why the woman's slalom isn't on, it's delayed! Scherrer gets a 70.75, he keeps his 2nd run score.

Katayama now, he's got a bit to do, can he pull it out of the bag? Let's see, he delays, the wind has picked up for a moment. Now he goes. That was much much better! He got 6 hits, the other top guys only got 5 hits.

Mike Barry

Never got the air

Katayama gets 87! 6th place for the man from Japan.

Fergusen now. He's underway, that is ridiculous, it looked like he was going to crash in every hit but he bailed every single one at the top of the pipe! A switch McTwist in there, double cork 1080 slotted in too. That's his best run by a long way.

So Fergusen gets a 90.75 which has him in 4th place.