Winter Olympics 2018 - Speed Skating



Final Results: 1st Bloemen 12:39.77 (OR) (CAN) 2nd Bergsma +2.21 (NED) 3rd Tumolero +14.55 (ITA) 4th Lee +15.77 (KOR) 5th Belchos +19.74 (CAN)

What a brilliant race! I thank you all for joining me for this exciting event, Bloemen will go home to Canada a hero. He beat both the Dutchmen and took home the Gold. Also a great day for the Italians with a shock medal to celebrate. We also got new Olympic Record which is always amazing to see. Thank you all again and goodbye.

Kramer takes 13:01.02 and finishes in 6th! The disappointment in his face shows how much he wanted this

BLOEMEN IS OLYMPIC CHAMPION! Bergsma will get silver! Kramer will not get his 9th Olympic Medal today and Tumolero has done something his Hero Valentino Rossi could not do.. win an Olympic Medal!

He's lapping high 31's! Is it all over? 2,000m left... 10 seconds back! He is now fighting with Tumolero for Bronze!

It's down to 5.3 seconds! Surely this is a gap that cannot be covered! He may not even get a medal

Meanwhile, Beckert is 10 seconds back and will not be challenging for a medal. Kramer is down to a 2.5 seconds gap and with every lap Bloemen gets closer and closer to celebrating

Kramer continues to hold the gap. After disappointment with disqualification in Vancouver and taking Silver in Sochi, he really wants his first 10,000m Gold Medal. This would be his 9th medal over 3 Olympics.

Kramer starts incredibly quickly compared to Beckert, already 7 tenths up. However, Kramer's gap to Bloemen is already 1 second after only 800m, not a good sign for the Dutch. Kramer does begin to speed up now and begins to match the Canadian's Lap Time and holds a 1 second gap.

Only 2 men stand between Bloemen from Olympic Gold now. Dutch Athlete Kramer the 5,000m Gold Medalist from 4 days ago and Beckert of Germany. Can Kramer take double gold?