Winter Olympics 2018- Ladies' Skeleton



Helloooo everyone, ready for some skeleton action? Even the name of it is terrifying, and pretty in keeping with firing yourself down an icy track and hoping you can stay on. Sochi gold-medallist, Lizzy Yarnold is in action this morning, as well as another British hope, Laura Deas, so I'll be bringing you all the happenings from the sliding centre.

I know very little about most of these winter sports, but if you can imagine an ironing board, and someone strapped to it, flying down a twisty ice road, you wouldn't be far away from Skeleton racing. Athletes go head-first, and steer the board using their body movements, so they'll shift their shoulders to change direction etc.

If you fancy finding out more about how it works, check out Lizzy's website, where she does a better job of explaining it than I ever could;

We should have the first athlete on the track in around 7 minutes, and here is the running order;

Eurosport have just shown a POV camera from an athlete sliding down the track, and I think I'd *definitely* be sick!

Right, so first up we have Mazilu from Romania. Only 6 of these athletes have competed in the Olympics before, but 18 of them have competed on this track last year.

Mazilu is off!

A couple of knocks off the corners, but a solid time of 53.31s to start us off.

Jeong from Korea up next, with plenty of home support!

She gets off to a quicker start than Mazilu, annnnnd she maintains it the whole way. She gets a track record in a time of 52.47s!