Winter Olympics 2018- Ladies' Skeleton



With that, I'll be leaving you for today, hopefully you enjoyed the coverage! Thank you for following along, I've been Anna, and I'll be back soon!

Annnnd the bottom half looks a bit like this;

Here are the scores on the doors so far;

That concludes today's racing, and the 3rd and 4th heats will be on tomorrow.

AHHHHH SHE'S JUST INTO 3RD! That bump definitely took a bit off her time ahead, so her time of 52.30s will hopefully be a one-off!

Ahhhh bit of a bump there!

Now, last to go, Lizzy Yarnold. Can she hold onto her lead?

She JUST takes it on the line, and she's into first with a time of 52.12s.

She's got a slower start than some of the others, but she seems to make it up further down the track.

Loelling (GER) now. Can she hold on to her position from the first round?