Winter Olympics 2018- Ladies' Skeleton



She comes up with a big start too, but a bump on one of the early corners sets her back, and she's into 9th place with a time of 52.48s.

The first of the Americans, Uhlaender up now.

Apparently she almost made it to the US Olympic weightlifting team for Rio!

She's into 6th place, with a time of 52.33s.

Latvian, Priedulena up now.

She's the lightest of the racers, and she's into 6th place with a time of 52.14s.

Lizzy Yarnold up now! What can she do?

Ooooh she's flying!

A NEW TRACK RECORD! Lizzy goes into first with a time of 51.66s!

Belgian Meylemans up now.