Winter Olympics 2018- Ladies' Skeleton



A bit of a mess half-way down, and she's into 13th with a time of 52.56s.

Swiss racer, Gilardoni up now. Apparently she's one of the fastest starters in the field!

A wee bit slower than Yarnold thus far.

She's into 9th, with a time of 52.34s.

Bos up next, the only Dutch athlete in this event.

A bit too slow from Bos, and she's into 8th with a time of 52.33s, which is exactly the same as Uhlaender!

American Wesenberg up now.

A bit too much steering going on here, and she's into 16th place with a time of 52.77s.

Australia's Narracott up next, who is apparently Dom Parsons' girlfriend!

A couple of bumps on the way down, and she's into 15th with a time of 52.53s.