Winter Olympics 2018- Ladies' Skeleton



Right, last to go in this first heat is Nigerian racer Adeagbo.

A bit bumpy, but she finishes on a time of 54.19s. She is 36, and doing her country proud!

Right, so we have a 30 minute break now before the second heat, so stay tuned, and I will be back with you for that!

Now, time for the second heat! This heat will go in order of slowest-fastest from the last one, so up first, we'll have Adeagbo (NGR).

Annnnd she's off!

A very solid run from her, in a time of 54.58s. A bit of a bump, so she'll know what she has to improve on.

Oguchi (JPN) next.

Annnnd she's quicker, in a time of 53.41s. Into the lead for the moment.

Mazilu (ROU) next.

The lead changes again! A time of 53.47s for Mazilu.