Winter Olympics 2018- Ladies' Skeleton



Annnd she's into 3rd, with a time of 52.67s.

Vathje (CAN) now, she had a good run in the first heat, but she'll be hoping for an even better one now.

She's quicker, and into 1st! Her time is 52.01s.

Channell (CAN) now, she was very close to the time of Vathje in the first heat, so what can she do with this one?

She's a wee bit behind, and she's into 2nd! Her time was 52.28s.

Gilardoni (SUI) now, who had a very solid first run.

BIIIIIG start from her, but she's just pushed into 2nd at the line. Her time was 52.35s.

Bos (NED) now.

She and Uhlaender were tied after the first heat, and she's off to a solid start here.

Vathje hanging onto 1st! Bos into 2nd with a time of 52.26s.