Hello! Huge night ahead for Raymundo Beltran. The Mexican has been fighting to earn a Green Card - and remain in America with family - for years now. To do that he needs to be considered an 'elite athlete'. Tonight he looks to finally win the world title that would classify him as an elite boxer and earn that Green Card at long last. Former world champion Paulus Moses stands in his way

Beltran should really have been a world champion many moons ago. Back in 2013 he was robbed by a very dubious draw against the defending WBO champion Ricky Burns, and that is coming from a Scotsman! He was then outclassed by Terence Crawford before he beat Takahiro Ao for the vacant title, but failed to make weight and then had the result overturned after he failed a drugs test.

Tonight really should be the night though for Beltran. 39-year-old Namibian Paulus Moses was briefly WBA lightweight champion back in 2009/10 but has been fighting dwindling standards of opponents for a number of years now. The vacant WBO lightweight belt is in sight for Beltran, as well as a permanent future in the USA with his family.

We've one bout to go before the main event in Reno, Nevada. The opening belt has just sounded on welterweight action between Egidijus Kavaliauskas vs David Avanesyan. Kavaliauskas is an unbeaten, hard hitting Lithuanian with 15 KOs in his 18 wins. Russian Avanesyan has a 23-2-1 record.

Quiet opening round between Kavaliauskas and Avanesyan. I have to admit I'm pleased with that. It's just gone 3am in the UK and typing Kavaliauskas and Avanesyan at that time of day is quite a handful!

Another cagey three minutes in round 2. Not a lot of shots being thrown. Kavaliauskas controlling the action with his stiff jab that is holding Avanesyan off. Avanesyan trying to walk in too straight and get inside but that is too easy for the Lithuanian. Utterly tepid stuff thus far.

Rnd 3: Avanesyan is able to exploit a weaker jab from Kavaliauskas and land an over the top right. But it's a single shot and the action soon returns to walking pace. Kavaliauskas just flicking out the jab. Avanesyan has some success with the left hand, landing a hook then a jab. Brings Kav to life and he finally lets his hands go more. Hooks to the body land and a high left hook clips Ava

Kavaliauskas then returns to controlling the action behind the left jab. Was an Avanesyan round until Kav put the foot down for 30 seconds and landed some punishing blows. Let's see some more of that please.

Rnd 4: So little of note happening. About 10 seconds in to the second minute of the round they exchange over the top shots, Kavaliauskas with the right and Avanesyan the left after switching southpaw. Seems to work a bit of Avanesyan who is able to land two more left hands. Ava goes orthodox again and Kav takes control with his jab. Dreadful stuff really.

Rnd 5: Kavaliauskas snaps Avanesyan's head back with a jab. He then jabs and throws off a left hook that both land. Avanesyan trying to reach in but not able to land much. Eats a body shot from Kav but then fights fire with fire with a decent body shot of his own. Just not enough leather being thrown. Ava counters with a short 1-2 to the chin towards the end of the round.