Winter Olympics 2018- Ladies’ Skeleton



A solid run from her, and she stays in 5th, with a time of 51.88s.

Hermann (GER) now.

Great run from Hermann, making up loads of time, and going into 6th with a time of 51.83s, which is the quickest time so far.

Priedulena (LAT) now.

She loses a bit of time, and is still in 7th with a time of 52.09s.

Vathje (CAN) now, she made up LOADS of time in her 2nd run yesterday. Can she keep it up today?

A good run from her, but no change in position, with a time of 52.37s.

Bos (NED) up next.

Oooh, a good run from her, and she takes over Vathje to go into 8th with a time of 51.99s.

Gilardoni (SUI) now.