Winter Olympics 2018 - Biathlon Men’s 15km Mass Start



Well good morning everyone. I'm finally back with the biathlon! It's the men's 15km mass start! Johannes Thingnes Boe and Martin Fourcade are the favourites but watch out for th Germans and the rest of the Norwegians.

Of course I missed one of the biathlon races at this race, in fact, maybe I've missed three... not sure. Anyway, we're getting prepped for racing. This is always a fun one.

I think that Fourcade will win a medal, not sure what colour, most likely gold. With J.T. Boe struggling, we could see a new face on the podium, maybe?

Even though J.T. Boe has been struggling he's got a medal, this was the race I missed. I still don't know what colour annoyingly. Just four races left in the biathlon now, sadly.

Right then, here we go. It's the top 30 riders, so all the medallists, top 15 in the world cup an a few other top guys. Fourcade bolts out and leads us up the first climb. So all the gold medallists at the front for the moment. Fourcade, Peiffer, Boe. That's, in order, 2, 1 and 3. Fak and Bauer up there for Slovenia, brilliant silver for Fak the other day.

Fourcade still leads us, it's not been the fastest start, Fourcade just keeping an eye on everyone. Boe not moving from 2nd, Samuelsen up there, the Swede has been incredible here, he's been the best shooter here in Pyeon Chang.

Fourcade now gapping the field, he's got a gap of 7" ahead of Peiffer and Boe. It's all back together on the downhill. On the first shoot, they have to shoot from their bib number. We're coming to the range now. It's all bunched up.

Okay time for the prone. Fak and Lesser nail it. Fourcade misses one!! Johannes Thingnes Boe gets all 5! Fourcade falls! What on earth has happened here!

Lapshin is leading for Korea! Huge cheer from the crowd. Fak, Doll, Windisch, Samuelsen all there. Boe is in the front group. Fourcade is in this second group.

Benedikt Doll now leads the race and he looks like he did last year when he won the world champs sprint.