Rugby U


2' Exeter, in true Exeter style, are trying to run the ball from their own 22, and are making ground, up to the 10m line. They're being pushed back by the Wasps defence a little, and Steenson eventually decides to clear into the Wasps half.

3' Watson knocks on trying to take a high ball, and Exeter will have the put in to the match's first scrum on their own 10m line.

5' Messy scrum, and it eventually ends in a penalty for Exeter, who kick for a lineout deep in the Wasps half.

6' Exeter are muscling up towards the Wasps 22, but have stalled a little, But here's Cowan-Dickie!

7' The prop offloads to Turner, who brings the ball up to 10m out, and here come Exeter with the pick and gos... But they've knocked it on. 5m scrum for Wasps, who were let off there.

While we wait for the scrum, the commentators have reminded me that the Wasps head coach is called Dai Young. Which is unfortunate for him.

Anna Logue

Oh my...

Sam Johnson

Some parents, eh?!

7' Lots of pressure from Exeter, but no points as Wasps are awarded a free kick at scrum time. Exeter will have the lineout again though, and will look to keep up the pressure...

9' They've knocked on again though, and Wasps have a scrum smack bang in the middle of their own half. And here come Wasps, flying up into the Exeter half, where the Devon team give away a penalty for not rolling away. Kick to the corner...

10' Wasps lineout in the corner is stolen by Exeter! Who, as ever, are going to try and run the ball out. Woodburn completely misses with a pass though, and throws it into touch for a Wasps lineout on the Exeter 22.

11' Better lineout by Wasps this time, and they set up the maul. Exeter have done superbly to drive it into touch, but it turns out they didn't do it legally, and Wasps have another lineout in the corner...