Rugby U


12' Superbly defended by Exeter, who wrap up the Wasps maul, and hold the ball up. 5m scrum, to Exeter this time.

14' Wasps take the scrum against the head! Don't see that often. And is Watson over in the corner?! I can't hear the referee, irritatingly. He's having a chat with le Roux. But the try has been given! TRY to Wasps!

Wasps took advantage of a scrambling Exeter defence after losing their own scrum to create an overlap and put Watson over in the corner. Nicely done.

We're having a look at a potential late tackle by Jonny Hill, which must have been what Doyle was talking to le Roux about. And it's a yellow card for Hill! Seems fair, but a double blow for Exeter there. That was unnecessary by Hill. Try CONVERTED, just to rub salt into the wound.

16' Exeter kick off deep, and Wasps are keen on using their numerical advantage, spreading the ball this way and that as they charge up to the Exeter 10m line. Ooh that was so nearly intercepted, but Wasps got away with it and are really stretching the Exeter defence. Up inside the 22 they come...

18' Wasps knock on and Exeter have spotted some space of their own! What a break! Exeter up to the Wasps 22 with some nice offloading! They're 2m out, but Wasps have stolen it!

19' Turner was just not quite quick enough, What's this? Wasps have been forced back behind their own dead ball line by the Exeter defence..! Yes, the dead ball line. Not the try line. Crikey. Doyle's stopped to check if it came off an Exeter player though...

Ah yes, it was just knocked on by Lees as he made the tackle. Let off for Wasps, who will have a lineout on their own 22.

19' Wasps win the ball, and test the 14-man defence with some kicks over the top. Cipriani's second goes straight out though, and Exeter will have a lineou. Shame I can't hear the referee, he's got plenty to do as he looks at a potential block by Exeter...

21' Nothing wrong with that, syas Doyle, and Exeter set up a threatening maul from the lineout, which makes 15m or so. Some quick hands keep Exeter going forwards, but now the Wasps defence is getting on top...