Rugby U


23' Exeter still coming though, approaching the Wasps 22, but Salvi's knocked it on and it'll be a Wasps scrum.

24' Wasps try a grubber kick, but Turner gathers and puts up a high,hanging kick for himself to chase. Wasps take it though, and spread it to the left. Wasps have found space on the right though! Superb scramble defence, but is Bassett over in the corner?

Just checking for a forward pass...

Try ruled out by the TMO for a forward pass! That was a close call. Relief for Exeter...

25' The first scrum goes down, and Hill's time in the sin bin is up! He's back for the reset scrum.

25' Scrum penalty for Exeter! Lineout inside their own 10m line.

27' Messily taken by the champions, who have punched their way up to almost halfway. Cowan-Dickie is having a strong match, and takes Exeter over the 10m line. Up to the 22 now...

28' But they're penalised again. Discipline near their opponent's try line has been a problem for Exeter today.

29' This match has become somewhat messy, but Exeter have the ball and are over the 10m line courtesy of Cowan-Dickie. Again. Chudley up to 5m out!

30' Cowan-Dickie up to 2m out... Ewers over the line! But it's held up, and Exeter will have a 5m scrum. Feels like they need points this time, they've come away from this part of the pitch with nothing too many times.