Rugby U


31' Free kick to Exeter. Not sure why, given I can't hear Doyle. They choose another scrum, which makes sense given their dominance there so far. Robson with a thumping tackle after the scrum, and Wasps have the penalty! Superb Wasps defence, but Robson's done his knee in with that tackle.

Story of the match so far: Visits to opponent's 22: Wasps - 2 Exeter - 4 Points: Wasps - 7 Exeter - 0 The score's the only stat that really counts of course, and Wasps are making more of their opportunities so far.

33' Wasps have won their own lineout ball on the 10m line, and put a high ball up to test Cordero. He fails the test and knocks on. Wasps scrum inside the Exeter half.

35' Free kick for Wasps, who put the ball wide, but knock the ball on. Kicks exchanged, and Exeter have the ball in the Wasps half. Stolen though!

36' Wasps again find some space out wide, and are up to the Exeter 22... Exeter defence is hitting back, but a long miss pass nearly puts Bassett through... Wasps still on the Exeter 22.

37' Wasps are up to their 16th phase, but Salvi and Cowan-Dickie have forced a penalty, and Exeter will get the chance to clear their lines.

38' Wasps have stolen the ball back, and some nifty offloading sees them back up to the Exeter 22, with an advantage in hand. No advantage coming, and Doyle goes back for the penalty. They'll go for the three here, surely?

39' Nope, they've gone for the corner again...

40' Wasps secure the ball, and the maul brings them up to 5m out. 3m to go now...but Wasps are penalised this time! And Doyle is having none of that kicking the ball away nonsense by Wasps, as he marches them back 10m for their cheek. Exeter lineout on their own 10m line.

40' Chudley tries to creats something down the blind side, but it comes to nothing, and that's half time.