Rugby U


A fast-paced first half, the difference so far being Wasps' ability to take their chances. Both teams have had plenty of opportunities, however, and it's still too early to pick a winner.

Wasps have looked dangerous every time they've had the ball, and will be hoping for more of the same in the second half. Don't forget that they had a second try marginally ruled out for a forward pass. If Exeter can be more clinical in their opponent's half, they can still pull this one back.

Not sure who I think will win this one. Think I'd slightly favour Wasps at this point, although the openness of the game makes it rather unpredictable. Who are you backing?

In other (non-related) news, I notice that new tennis world number one Roger Federer has won his 97th title today. Imagine if his 100th was Wimbledon this summer. It could well happen, you know...

I was surprised by this too...

41' Exeter kick off the second half, and Wasps are running it from their own 22. Box kick goes up, and Turner has the ball for Exeter. Ooh, Cordero so nearly through there, but Turner brings his team up to the Wasps 10m line, and Exeter are making ground.

44' Exeter are approaching the 22 with a strong Hill carry in the 16th phase... Wasps have stolen it! The ball was completely unguarded at the back of the ruck! A grubber kick goes through, and Exeter do very well to secure the ball in their own 22. Ball cleared to halfway.

46' Wasps think they've scored as they charge down a kick and touch it down, but it turns out that the kick was charged down by none other than the referee JP Doyle, who sheepishly awards Exeter a scrum.

47' Wasps have turned the ball over superbly and use another grubber kick to put pressure on Exeter full back Turner. He's safely in possession though, and the ball is cleared. Here comes the Wasps counter attack though with another grubber kick... Ooh that's unlucky, the ball just bounces out as Watson was bearing down on it ready to score.

49' Wasps are coming again, and are looking dangerous on the Exeter 22. At least until they knock on after a thumping Exeter tackle.