Rugby U


50' Little pause before the scrum while Cipriani gets some medical attention. Oh dear. Exeter had won the ball, but Armand knocked on trying to pick it up. Wasps' turn for a scrum.

51' Wasps up to 10m out, le Roux and Watson looking as threatening as ever on the wing... Willis is over! But he's held up, and Wasps will have a 5m scrum. All Wasps at the moment.

52' Good tackle from Cowan-Dickie to halt Watson just as he was finding some space, but Exeter have been penalised for an offside. They take the three points, PENALTY to Wasps.

54' Exeter have done superbly to take their own kickoff, but are forced into touch. Wade is on for Watson, who was injured in that Cowan-Dickie tackle.

55' The Wasps maul is creeping forwards, before Watson puts up a box kick which is reclaimed by his team. The Exeter defence is earning its stripes, forcing Wasps backwards, but Turner drops the high ball put up by Watson. Wasps take the advantage, but a crossfield kick goes to touch shortly afterwards.

57' Wasps put no one at all into that maul, weirdly. Anyway, Chudley clears as far as Wade, and here come Wasps again, from their own half. Doyle's stopped the match for an injury. Cipriani, Watson, and now Rieder. Wasps aren't having much luck with injuries in this half. The stretcher is out, so we could be waiting a little while here.

Rieder safely on his way off the pitch to respectful applause, and we can get going again with the scrum.

59' Straight away Wasps have found space out wide on the left, and would be through if that last pass had gone to hand. Exeter clear to halfway, and Wasps are coming on the counterattack. They've dropped it, but backwards, and are almost up to the 22...

60' Into the 22 come Wasps, and avoid being dragged into touch by the Exeter defence. Penalty for Exeter as Johnson smashes into an Exeter head. TMO time. I've seen cards given for less...

Yup, that's a yellow card. Can't really argue with that. He's lucky Armand was already falling the way he was, or that could easily have been red.