Genesis Open



Evening all! Some Sunday evening golf for you, as we bring you the Genesis Open from the Riviera Country Club. @Ugster1 to kick things off, @doreguymike along later. So no play off for me this week!

And ‘later’ may be the appropriate word. Final group have taken 50 minutes for the first three holes, which is ridiculous. And why are there three in a group anyway? I appear to have missed that meeting, but it seems to be the norm these days.

Ahem. I shall cease the whinging (or ‘Spiething’, as it’s known chez moi), and get to the action.

Leaderboard, 7:10pm UK time:

As you can see from the leaderboard, it’s all rather close at the top with Watson and Cantlay leading the way. Loads of players within a couple though, so could be plenty of chopping and changing before we’re done.

Last group on the fourth. Second shot for Watson is a nice one, nice little shot from off the green gets close. I’m sure he’d look more comfortable with that top button undone. Cantlay at four - in the rough, he’s taking his time. Not much green to work with, close to the flag...not bad, chips into the small bank and on green.

Cameron Smith will have to take a bogey at four, whilst Ryan Moore birdies six to move to -9. Bubba taps in for par at four, Cantlay slides his putt past. Took an age to do that too. Finau and McDowell both find the green with their second shots at five, neither too close to the flag. Na joins them, gets a bit closer.

Mike Barry

Any time Kevin Na is near the top of the he slows down to a snails pace. He f*cked around on a 2 ft putt for 3 minutes while ago.

Mike Barry

And hes a local boy down there.

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Mickelson just misses birdie at 7, he stays at -7. At five, Na not really close with his birdie attempt, better try from Finau. McDowell makes a long par putt at the same hole.

Cracking second at five for Smith, just past the flag. Cantlay finds a sprinkler head with his second, but that’s a bit of luck as the ball could have run away a bit there. Watson finds the green. Na at six - left, just rolls into the crowd around the green.

McDowell at six - he finds the bunker at the front of the green. So at the moment, it’s Bubba on -10 and five players at -9.