Genesis Open



Great third from Watson at seven, pace judged perfectly and he taps in for par. Cantlay with his par putt - and he makes it, nicely done, must have been more than 15 feet (although I’m usually terrible at guessing the distance on TV).

Smith remains at -8 after making par at seven. Na, Finau and McDowell all make nice shots at 8, all with good looks at a birdie.

Dustin Johnson and Ryan Moore would both like their tee shots back at 10 - Johnson left, Moore in the sand.

No birdie for McDowell at eight. Mickelson moves to -8 - moving into contention. Nap at eight - and he can’t make birdie either, slides by on the right.

Final group teeing off at eight. Watson safely away. Straight to the second of Bubba, on the green.

Smith from sand at eight - little too short, plenty left. Cantlay also from the sand with his second - and it’s a good one, birdie chance. Didn’t half take his time with that shot though.

Birdie for Bubba at eight, and he’s back up to -10. Cantlay has a putt to move to -11 though...nope, misses left.

Par for Cameron Smith at eight. Second for Na at nine - lovely, on line, finds the green. Finau also close at that hole. Cantlay pars eight.

Leaderboard, 8:30pm UK time:

Nearly 2 1/2 hours for eight holes. That’s just awful, something has to be done about this - how’s this going to encourage anyone to want to play the game? Plus some amateurs pick up these slow habits, make it slow for everyone else.

Mike Barry

It's the course. Really is.

Matt (@Ugster1)

To some extent, perhaps, but it’s not that course that has Cantley taking an age once he’s over the ball...