Cameron Norrie
6 3 1

Hyeon Chung
4 6 6



Good evening everyone! Who's up for some live coverage of Davis Cup hero, Cam Norrie? He's up against Hyeong Chung in the first round here at Delray Beach. He lost in the final round of qualifying to John-Patrick Smith, but nabbed a lucky loser spot after Nick Kyrgios withdrew with an elbow injury.

We will have a slight delay as there was a bit of rain earlier so the current doubles match is going to finish later than planned. I will keep you posted, though, so do bear with!

In the meantime, have a read of this week's tennis column, and leave a comment with your thoughts;

Still waiting on the doubles to finish!

We are a match tie-break away from the end...

Right, so that's over. Norrie-Chung shall be upon us very soon!

This will be Chung's first match since he had to retire in his SF vs Federer at the Australian Open, due to those horrendous blisters. I'll spare you the gory photos but if you're interested, they're on Chung's Instagram account.

WE HAVE PLAYERS! The warm-up has begun, and after that, Norrie will be serving first.

So these 2 have never met before, and are both on their way up the rankings. I have no idea what way this match is going to go, but hopefully it'll be fun!

A good first serve from Norrie to start him off; 15-0. An equally good second serve on the next point; 30-0. Another solid serve, and Chung misses the return again; 40-0. Another serve, another missed return, and that's a hold to love for Cam Norrie.