Cameron Norrie
6 3 1

Hyeon Chung
4 6 6



Our first rally of the match, and what a fantastic rally it was. It ends with Chung spraying a backhand wide; 0-15. A deep return from Norrie, and Chung fires long; 0-30. Good serving from Chung to get on the board; 15-30. Ooooh, a big forehand winner from Chung there; 30-all.

Another good rally, but Norrie pushes a backhand long; 40-30. Norrie nets a cross-court backhand, and Chung gets the hold.

Ooooh, lovely serve and forehand combination from Norrie; 15-0. Double fault...15-all. Whoops, Chung hitting deep to the Norrie forehand, and he fires long; 15-30. Fantastic angled backhand from Norrie, and Chung nets; 30-all.

Another great serve and forehand combination; 40-30. Good serve again from Norrie, and that's another hold.

Chung firing long; 0-15. Norrie doing a good job of pushing Chung back there, and his backhand can only find the net; 0-30. Big first serve from Chung; 15-30. Another great serve; 30-all.

Ahhhh Norrie JUST firing long there; 40-30. Chung's turn to repay the favour; DEUCE.

MASSIVE forehand winner from Norrie, and he brings up BREAK POINT!

Ahhhhh, Norrie's backhand finds the net, and we're back at DEUCE.

Chung going for the angled backhand, but it hits the tape and lands back on the wrong side. BREAK POINT.

Chung fires wide, AND NORRIE BREAKS! Great play from him!