Cameron Norrie
6 3 1

Hyeon Chung
4 6 6



So, Norrie for the first set then.

Ooooh, a beautiful backhand down the line to open the game; 15-0. Chung firing long on the return; 30-0. Eeek, think Chung framed that one; 40-0. THREE SET POINTS. Nice shot from Chung, back behind Norrie; 40-15. Ahhhh Norrie nets; 40-30. One set point left...

Ohhh noo, Norrie firing long again, and we're at DEUCE. He does challenge, but it's long.

Goodness me, think that forehand may have ended up in the front row. BREAK POINT CHUNG.

Norrie finds a big serve when needed, and we're back at DEUCE.

Oooh lovely, Norrie doing a good job of pulling Chung from side to side, and he has ANOTHER SET POINT.

Chung goes long, and NORRIE HAS THE FIRST SET!

There's a car in the corner of the arena, a really snazzy one at that. I wonder if that's the prize for winning the tournament...

Chung serving first in the second set.

A nice forehand winner to start; 15-0. Eeek, not the best forehand from him on the next point; 15-all. Solid rallying from Norrie, and Chung errs first, as he sends a forehand into the net; 15-30. TWO BREAK POINTS for Norrie as Chung is wide of the tramlines.