Cameron Norrie
6 3 1

Hyeon Chung
4 6 6



Norrie goes long on the backhand and one chance is gone...30-40.

BUT HE BREAKS ON THE NEXT! A nice return to the Chung forehand, and Chung can only volley it out.

Can Norrie keep going here?

Good second serve; 15-0. Annnnd another; 30-0. Better return from Chung, and Norrie sends a forehand into the net; 30-15. Deep hitting from Chung, and Norrie finds the net again; 30-all.

Wooow Norrie pushed way out of court there, and he's ALMOST able to get the pass in play, but he can't quite; BREAK POINT.

A BIG overhead from Norrie, and that's us back at DEUCE.

Great serve; ADV Norrie. Buuuut he sends one long and we're back at DEUCE.

Nice forehand from Chung, and he brings up another BREAK POINT.

Gaaaaah Norrie goes wide, and Chung breaks back!

Good serve from Chung; 15-0. Eeek, Norrie unleashing on the return there, but he sends it long; 30-0. Chung returns the favour; 30-15. Chung sends a forehand wide; 30-all.