Cameron Norrie
6 3 1

Hyeon Chung
4 6 6



Norrie with the error; 40-30. Ooooh, FANTASTIC forehand winner from Norrie. DEUCE.

Chung gets Norrie on the run, and draws the error; ADV. Norrie goes long on the return, and Chung gets the hold.

Oh dear, a double fault for Norrie; 0-15. A deep return from Chung, and Norrie fires long; 0-30. ACE; 15-30. Another deep return, and it's TWO BREAK POINTS FOR CHUNG.

Norrie finds another great first serve; 30-40. Buuuut a long forehand gives Chung the break!

Ahhh, Norrie sets up the backhand down the line, but he nets it; 15-0. Good serve; 30-0. MASSIVE forehand winner from Chung, is he starting to find his range? 40-0. Another good serve, and Chung gets the hold.

Great second serve from Norrie, straight down the T; 15-0. LOVELY passing shot; 30-0. Norrie firing long on the forehand; 30-15. A solid serve from Norrie, and Chung goes long; 40-15. An ACE seals the hold.

Good serve from Chung; 15-0. Eeek, bit of a failed dropshot from Chung there; 15-all. Some INCREDIBLE angles from both guys, and the rally finishes with a forehand winner down the line from Chung; 30-15. Ahhhh lovely volley from Chung; 40-15. Another good serve, and Chung is one game away from taking this to a decider.

Chung hits the net; 15-0. Wooow, DEEP hitting from Chung, and Norrie can't quite get it back over the net; 15-all. Chung finding the net again; 30-15. Norrie fires wide at the net; 30-all.

A lovely rally, and Chung ends up pushing the backhand long; 40-30. Not sure whether that serve was long, or the return, but we're at DEUCE.

A big serve from Norrie takes us to ADV. Annnd then Chung fires wide for the hold.