Cameron Norrie
6 3 1

Hyeon Chung
4 6 6



Chung to serve to take us to a decider.

A big serve to start him off; 15-0. Chung pushing Norrie back to draw the error; 30-0. Welp, a mishit forehand from Norrie and it's THREE SET POINTS.

Another big serve, and WE ARE GOING TO A DECIDER.

Norrie serving first. I'm glad he's changed his top because now I can tell the difference between them from my screen.

Ohhh dear, he starts off with a double fault...0-15. Chung nets; 15-all. Annnd again; 30-15. A deep serve from Norrie, and Chung fires long on the return; 40-15. Chung goes wide, and Norrie holds!

Oh dear, a mishit forehand from Norrie; 15-0. Chung with a good serve, and Norrie fires long; 30-0. Good return from Norrie, and Chung goes wide with the backhand; 30-15. AHHHHHH Norrie has the forehand winner on his racquet and he nets it; 40-15. Fantastic angle from Norrie! 40-30. Chung nets after a lovely rally; DEUCE.

MASSIVE forehand from Chung; ADV. Fabulous angles from Norrie! DEUCE!

Norrie's ball looks long, but it's right on the baseline, and it has the desired effect; BREAK POINT.

Oooh, a dropshot saves it; DEUCE.

Flip me, Norrie fires long with the forehand; ADV Chung. Big hitting from Chung, and he digs out the hold.