Cameron Norrie
6 3 1

Hyeon Chung
4 6 6



An encouraging game from Norrie, he could've easily had the break there. Just needs to keep plugging away.

Norrie sends a backhand into the net, he just didn't really get behind that; 0-15. Biiig serve; 15-all. GREAT second serve, that gets a fist pump; 30-15. Oh dear, Norrie fires wide; 30-all.


Hawkeye being used again, but to no avail. Chung takes advantage of the second serve, and Norrie fires long; DEUCE.

Gaaaah, Norrie sends a forehand long, and it's BREAK POINT. Oh noooo, Norrie goes long at the net, and Chung breaks!

Can Chung consolidate the break?

Norrie sends a forehand into the net; 15-0. That shot from Chung looked long, but he wins the point anyway; 30-0. Nice serve and forehand combination from Chung; 40-0. ACE, and that's the hold.

Can Norrie get his side of the scoreboard moving again?

He goes long with the first shot; 0-15. MASSIVE forehand winner from Chung; 0-30. Chung fires wide down the line, or does he? Hawkeye calls it in, and it's THREE BREAK POINTS.

Chung breaks with a cross-court winner that Norrie pretty much gave up on, he'll be hoping for no more games like that.