Cameron Norrie
6 3 1

Hyeon Chung
4 6 6



Gaaaah, Norrie nets a forehand; 15-0. Chung goes long; 15-all. Norrie goes long on the return; 30-15. Not the best return from Norrie, and Chung takes advantage; 40-15. Welp, a mishit from Norrie, and Chung is one game away from taking the match.

Great first serve from Norrie; 15-0. Chung going long on the return; 30-0. Norrie going for a wee bit too much on the forehand at the net; 30-15. ACE; 40-15. Double fault...40-30. Big backhand winner from Chung; DEUCE.

BIG SERVE FROM NORRIE, YES! ADV. Ughhhh, great return from Chung, and Norrie's forehand is in the tramlines; DEUCE.

Chung brings up MATCH POINT as Norrie nets...

Annnnnd GSM Chung.

Chung upped his game in the second set, but Norrie will be disappointed with his level in the third, just seemed to drift away at the end. Hopefully he'll come back stronger, because Chung is a quality opponent and not to be taken lightly.

Anyway, that will be all from me for this evening. Thank you for following along guys, I've been Anna, and I'll be back with you soon!