Winter Olympics - Women's Bobsleigh



Hello everyone! Hope you’re doing okay. Nick (@nickdougchenery) here to bring you the first of four heats (two today and two tomorrow) in the Women’s Bobsleigh. The British pair of Mica McNeill and Mica Moore will go for Team GB in this one.

The British pair will have an added incentive to win a medal after having their funding cut a matter of months before these games and after raising £30,000 in the space of a week they are competing in Pyeongchang.

Anna Logue

Wow! Great to heart that they raised enough!

As the hosts, Korea will be the first pair to run down the course and there will of course be runs from the likes of USA, Canada, Germany and Jamaica.

Kim Y and Kim M are the pairing for Korea and will be first. Away they go!

5.62 was the start time from the Koreans. 51.24 is the end result from them which is a new Track Record. Expect that to be broken a few times today.

Nigeria are up next competing in their first Olympic Games. 5.54 is the start time from them and 52.21 is the time at the end. Not the best run but its a historic run.

OAR are next and 5.50s is their start time. Fastest of the running so far. Ahead at the half way mark and 51.29 is the time at the end. 0.05s behind the Koreans.

Canada up next (Humprhies) and George) 5.29 is the start time from them. Half a second ahead at half way and the finish time is 50.72. Half a second quicker and a new Track Record.

USA’s turn now; Meyers Taylor and Gibbs. Impressive start time and they’re ahead of the Canadians at half way. 50.52 and they take the lead by 0.2 secs. Needless to say, its another Track Record.

Germany up next. 5.37s is the start time. Slower than the USA. Behind at half way but a time of 50.54; 0.02secs behind the US.