Winter Olympics - Women's Bobsleigh



That’s it from me, I’ve been Nick (@nickdougchenery) and I hope you can join me tomorrow to see who picks up the Gold Medal. Cheers!

The British girls and the two Mica’s are in sixth place after the first two runs. They’re only 0.13secs from a medal place! High hopes for tomorrow.

Germany heads the USA at the top of the time sheets after the first two runs by 0.07secs despite being 0.02secs behind after the first run. The tables have turned!

Results after the second run to come!

The German pair who were second at the end of the first run with Jamanka as pilot. 50,72 is slightly slower the their first run. Fastest at the moment with Taylor in the US sled who is on the course at the moment. 50.52 in the first run and 50.81 in the second run and an overall time puts them second with a time of 1:41.33. Behind the German of Jamanka!

Greubek Poser up next for the second fastest USA sled in third place. 50.59 was their first run time. 50.99 is the time after the latest run time and a time of 1:41.58

Schneider up next for Germany who finished 4th after the first run with 50.63. A second run time of 50.93 and an overall time of 1:41,56 takes the Germans fastest.

Top 5 now and the last of 3 Canadian sleds. 50.88 first run for Humphries and 1:41.6 for the double World Champion overall.

50.95 is their second run time and 1:41.72 is their overall time, slightly quicker than the Canadians before them.

GB up next! 6th place in the first run with a time of 50.77. All about consolidation for the two Mica's!