Winter Olympics - Women's Bobsleigh



What I do know is that Jamaica went 0.2 secs slower than their first run with a time of 51.50. That's bound to be extra disappointing for those two.

Germany (Kohrler) on the course now. 51.21 was their first run time, 51.20 was their second run time. 1:42.4 their overall time.

Romania up next - currently 12th place. 51.17 was their first run time, 51.40 was their second run. 1:42.57 their overall time.

Belgium up next with Willemsen as their pilot. 51.03 in the first run for them, what can they do now? 51.27 In the second run; 1:42.30 overall. Slightly slower than Austria who are fastest.

Russia are up next with Sergeeva as the pilot. We're into the top 10 runners now. Faster than Austria at the start and they finish on 51.49 with an overall time of 1:42.50. Lots of mistakes and they end up slower than the Austrians.

Canada up next with De Bruin as the sled pilot. 9th place in the first run for them. 50.91 is the second run time and overall is 1:41.85 and fastest so far. Some fast sleds to come yet of course.

Switzerland are up next; Hafner is the pilot for that pairing. 8th place at the end of run one and they set a second run time of 51.16 and an overall time of 1:42.02 puts them second so far.

Another Canadian sled with Rissling as the pilot comes next. 50.81 in the first run for them and a time of 50.95in the second run - 1:41.76 overall.

GB up next! 6th place in the first run with a time of 50.77. All about consolidation for the two Mica's!

50.95 is their second run time and 1:41.72 is their overall time, slightly quicker than the Canadians before them.